BCE-113 Strong Rodent Fly Mosquito Repellent Gel Penghalau Lalat Nyamuk D6*H5cm

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Strong Rodent Fly Mosquito Repellent Gel  Penghalau Lalat Nyamuk

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1.Anti-mosquitoes,Remove Peculiar smell

2.Can long lasting for 90days

3.Prevent the item from sunlight and low temperature

4.Suitable for baby and pregnant woman

5.No need flame or electric 6.Non-toxic and no side effect

Main effect:Discomfort the fly and mosquito by volatilizing the odor,escape the scene,and achieve the purpose of avoiding them

Applicable area:The effective range of a single bottle is 20 square meters(215 square feet) How to use:Open the lid,remove the white gasket and put the lid back

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