BCR-27 Top Luxury (14cm) 3 LAYER Stainless Steel Food Shelf Tiffin Carrier Lunch Box W14cm*H23cm

RM 12.40

Top Luxury (14cm) 3 LAYER Stainless Steel Food Shelf  Tiffin Carrier Lunch Box

Product size : 3 layer (W14cm*H23cm)

-Food grade stainless steel

-Keeps courses separate, ideal for carry out lunch or dinner

-Simple, sturdy latching system securing the containers

-Great for both hot and cold food

-Efficient containers are reusable, lightweight, and good for personal health

-Durable stainless steel containers will not impart taste or odors to food and are easy to clean

-Lasting and environmental friendly

This traditional lunch box/food container / tiffin combination set is simple to use and feature a sleek, modern yet simple 

design. Simply fill each container with fruits, salad, sandwiches, noodles, rice, veggies and snacks, stack the containers on top of each other and close the clasp. The rounded food containers are perfect for household uses, work places, commuters, picnic and camping. In addition, the stainless steel body bears a better life-time compare to that of plastic.

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