BGM-479 Simulation Fish Electric Swing Jumping Moving Fish USB Electric Pet Cat Toy - Clownfish L28cm

RM 8.30

Design : Clown Fish

Size : L28cm

• This product is made of PP Cotton material

 • It is durable and not easy to damage 

• The plush fish doll can attract your baby, kids or kitten to play with it

• The product is touch activate by touching its tail. 

• The movement of the dancing fish toy are not regular, it can keep cats interested in it.

• USB cable is included & chargeable lithium battery saves you the costs to replace batteries 

• Made of durable cotton plush, safe and non-toxic for your baby or kitten 

• The plush fish doll can be washed and replaced

• Please be sure to take out the inside motor when washing the toy.

• Product Dimension: *Refer Image Above With Product Dimensions 

• Net Weight : 95g

• What’s in the box : 1 x USB Fish, 1 x Charging Cable 

How to Use: When touch the upper part of the fish, it will move in a unpredictable way and pauses after a few seconds that won’t scare the cat and the dog. Touch again to wake up again.

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