BPE-11 4in1 Erasable Whiteboard Marker Pen For Kids Drawing Pen Art Supplies Stationery 11cm

RM 1.30

Introducing our 4in1 Erasable Whiteboard Marker Pen - the perfect art supplies stationery for kids who love to draw and create! This versatile drawing pen is designed to make art time more enjoyable and mess-free.

Measuring at a convenient 11cm, these compact markers are the ideal size for little hands. The set includes four vibrant colors - blue, green, red, and black - providing endless creative possibilities. The bright pigments are guaranteed to bring every artwork to life!

What sets this marker pen apart is its erasable feature. Made with high-quality, non-toxic ink, these markers allow for easy modification and correction. Simply use the eraser on the pen's cap to erase any mistakes or make changes to your masterpiece effortlessly. No more worries about ruining a drawing with a slip of the hand!

Not only are our 4in1 Erasable Whiteboard Marker Pens perfect for whiteboards, but they also work beautifully on glass and other smooth surfaces. Let your little ones' imagination roam free as they create artworks on windows, mirrors, or even their bedroom doors!

These drawing pens are also designed with parents' peace of mind in mind. The ink is non-toxic and safe for children, ensuring worry-free creativity. The pens are also made with durable materials, allowing for long-lasting use.

Upgrade your child's art supplies with our 4in1 Erasable Whiteboard Marker Pen. With its vibrant colors, erasable feature, and versatility, this pen is a must-have for every young artist. Order now and let their imagination take flight!

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