BTW-60 Magic Microfiber Cloth Glass Mirror Car Wash Towel L39cm*W29cm

RM 1.90

Magic Microfiber Cloth Glass Cleaning Mirror Car Wash Towel Kain Pencuci Kaca Kereta Tiktok hot sales


 reliable quality

 Suitable for many purposes:-

 ① Household cleaning - glass, mirrors, TV screens, computer monitors, sinks

 ② Car washing - cleaning the body, glass, rearview mirror

 Strong water absorption capacity

 Soft material, easy to clean

 Dirt can be washed off immediately

 quick dry

 No hair loss, no fading

 Not easily deformed




 Material: Microfiber

 Size: 30cm(W)x40cm(L)

 Colour: Grey 



 - Wet the glass microfiber rag in clean water (do not put in cleaning fluid), take it out and wring it dry as much as possible, and then use this microfiber rag to wipe the glass, mirror or car body.

- If there is a lot of dirt on the glass, mirror or car body, you can use other ordinary rags for the first cleaning, and then follow the above method for final drying and polishing.

 Note: When using this product, do not use cleaning fluid/dishwashing liquid to clean

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