BWL-200 130kg Gantung Besar Anti-Rollover Canvas Hanging Lazy Chair Rainbow Hammock L190*W80cm

RM 12.00

Rainbow Hammock Anti-Rollover Canvas Hanging Lazy Chair Gantung Besar Sports & Outdoor Home Travel Camping

Notes on using a hammock:

1. Do not use excessive force during use to avoid joint breakage.

 2. The support point of the hanging hammock must be firm and the suspension height should not exceed 1M to prevent accidental fall and injury. 

3. Do not pull the bed rope on the support point with sharp objects to avoid damage to the rope.

 4. Avoid damage to the hammock with buttons or sharp objects that you carry with you. 

5. Please check the hammock and draw the rope before use. The shorter the distance of the rope is, the better.

6. The fabric of this product is not fireproof, please keep away from fire.

7. Pay attention to the clean and flat ground around the hammock, avoiding the location where there are hard objects such as gravel and branches (use it on the grass as much as possible).

Material : canvas

Maximum load : 130kg

Tips 1. Always check the ropes at both ends to prevent excessive wear. 2. It is forbidden to swing back and forth in a large amount to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the rapid breakage of the ropes at both ends. 3. Please pay attention to personal safety during leisure and entertainment.

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